Bring new life to your original windows. 
Repair and restoration of original double-hung wood windows in Minneapolis and Saint Paul.
?Why restore
Your original wood windows are central to the charm and character of your older home. When original windows are replaced with new wood or vinyl inserts, this piece of a home's architectural integrity is lost forever. Choosing restoration allows you to maintain your home's character while bringing beauty, full and smooth operation, and increased energy-efficiency to your original windows.

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Original windows were made of naturally rot-resistant old growth wood. They were made by craftspeople from materials that were intended to be maintained through regular service. With the additions of permanent weatherstripping and quality storm windows, original windows rival the energy efficiency of replacement windows at a significantly lower cost. The high price of replacement windows, coupled with their relatively short service life compared to the life span of your home, means you will need to replace your replacements several times over before ever seeing a return on investment from your initial replacement window purchase. Your original windows have lasted for many decades. With proper maintenance they can last for many more.  

Give your windows the care they need to last for generations to come.


  1. Weatherstripping
  2. Sash Cord Repair
    Sash Cord Repair
  3. Restoration
  4. Glazing

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Wood Window Restoration in Minneapolis and Saint Paul