Glazing & Glass Replacement

We remove failing glaze and add new glaze where needed, followed up with two coats of paint. We also replace broken glass when it is part of a larger restoration project.

Glaze is the compound that seals the pane of glass to the wood components of your window. Glaze is made to remain pliable so that can adjust with wood windows, which swell and contract with the seasons. Over decades, glaze can become too dry to remain pliable. As it becomes brittle, it cracks and begins to fall away. If left to deteriotate further, glass can eventually become loose in the window. In addition to giving a worn look to a house, failing glaze leads to air and water infiltration and draftiness. Over time, reglazing your windows becomes necessary. This project gives windows a fresh look and reestablishes a weathertight seal.

When we perform glazing work, we first remove all glaze that is loose. Next, we clean the exposed wood and prime with linseed oil. We then apply top-quality glazing compound. New glaze needs to be sealed with paint so that it does not dry too quickly and become brittle again, but glaze also needs to cure in place before it will hold paint. This curing process typically takes 2-3 weeks. We return after this curing time to apply two coats of paint, ensuring your new glaze with last for decades.